COVID-19, One Year Later

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Across industries, leaders will use the lessons from this large-scale work-from-home experiment to reimagine how work is done-and what role offices should play-in creative and bold ways.
Complete report on 32,000 touch points across 10 countries about the work from home experience.  Insights into workplace change, including changing employee expectations and macro shifts that organizations need to consider.
50 separate studies that cover the influence of technology on the work from home experience.  Report includes in depth information about everything from the impact of remote collaboration and meetings to how the physical work from home environment affects productivity. 
167 Maine Organizations surveyed to gain insights into how the pandemic has affected Commercial Real Estate (primarily in the Portland area).  Most organizations surveyed are planning to make safety the priority when considering returning to the physical workplace.
Gensler’s vision for the workplace of the future.  We invite you to join us on a cinematic journey through the digital workplace of the future. It’s dynamic, healthy, inclusive, and joyful, and will usher in a new era of collaboration and innovation.
The world is rapidly changing.  Based on feedback gathered from Round Table sessions and our own Work From Home experiences, we offer this guide for business leaders as they shift the workplace to better support work-life for all employees. 
Harvard Business Review
Recommendations for and reflections from small and mid-sized American cities
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation announced an unprecedented five-year, $250 million grant effort, the “Monuments Project,” which will transform the way our country’s histories are told in public spaces
Led by Monument Lab, will assess the current monument landscape across the United States.