Helping Portland Build Better

Sustainable, responsible, creative growth is the lifeblood of the City

What is the PSA?

Portland Society for Architecture (PSA) is a non-profit organization that encourages innovation and vision in the built environment of Greater Portland through education, advocacy, and engagement with community members, design professionals, and civic leaders.

History of the PSA

PSA was founded as the Portland Society for Architects, a membership organization, in 2006. The impetus of the organizers was two-fold: it could serve as a platform where Portland architects could socialize and share experiences; and that a collective voice would be more powerful than the individual in influencing City policy on design and planning issues. 

After eight years, PSA was renamed the Portland Society for Architecture to reflect a multi-disciplinary commitment to community issues that shape Portland’s future.  Those engaged with PSA are architects, engineers, landscape architects, design professionals, and individuals committed to the protection and enhancement of all aspects of urban design which contribute greatly to Portland’s economic activity and cultural identity.

In 2017 membership dues were eliminated and PSA became open to anyone and everyone with an interest in the growth and future of Portland.

Over the  years PSA has produced programs such as the 10-minute architect, Drink-n-Crit, and Community Conversations; the three-part series on climate change and sea-level rise: Sustainable Portland by 2030, Rising Tides and Waterfront Visions; lectures by Spiro N. Pollalis, Ben Hamilton-Baillie, Moshe Safdie, Alex Kreiger, Susan Silberberg, Dr. Bon Ku, and Tim Wallace; promoted design criteria for the Martin’s Point and Veteran’s Bridges; delivered public testimony on numerous issues related to land-use, planning and design; produced design competitions and exhibitions; and partnered and collaborated with a diverse set of organizations to advocate, educate and promote quality and value of good urban design and architecture in Portland.


PSA’s mission is to help Portland Build Better by:

  • Presenting programs and public events that enable Portland’s citizens to make informed decisions about the future of our City
  • Elevating the quality of public engagement
  • Maintaining an optimistic and progressive approach toward civic engagement


PSA Advocates for the belief that:

  • Portland’s future is vitally connected to a quality built environment
  • Sustainable growth and prosperity flow from beauty in the built environment
  • Constructive, informed public dialogue is the key to Helping Portland Build Better

Get Involved

To get more involved with the PSA, contact us about joining one of our committees: Advocacy or Outreach & Education and please check our events calendar for current meeting schedules.

Board & Staff

Tom Lane

PSA President
Architect at Whitten Architects

Alyssa Phanitdasak

PSA Vice President
Architectural Designer
SMRT Architects

Alexis Hourigan

PSA Treasurer
Marketing Manager Preferred Construction Management

Rebecca Falzano

Content & Creative Director
Helm Digital

Neal Jandreau

Director of Creative Strategies
University of New England

Jonathan DeGregoris

Business Development Account Executive
Creative Office Pavillion

Sam Lebel

Civil/Environmental Engineer
Acorn Engineering

Join the PSA

Who belongs to the PSA? Everyone! Membership dues have been forgone, beginning in 2017, and PSA collects donations only. Consider making a donation now.