Challenge of Change – Are We Loving Portland to Death?

Keynote Speaker Mayor Esther Manheimer, of Asheville, NC
Keynote Speaker Mayor Esther Manheimer, of Asheville, NC

As Portland grows, changes in our community have been met by both excitement and anxiety. The purpose of “The Challenge of Change: Are We Loving Portland to Death?” in October 2015 was to take a step back from contentious issues and to start a broader community dialogue about our city’s future. While debates over specific developments have incited vigorous opinion-sharing, there is a paucity of information-sharing and big-picture perspectives.

Based on the feedback we heard, the October event provided many people with information they will use in future decision-making. It opened some doors, built some bridges, and highlighted a demand for well-informed discussions about shared community interests. The financial support from a diversity of community organizations alone is a good indicator of the interest for these types of events. We look forward to working with our partners and city leaders to pursue more of these events in 2016.


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