PSA Seeking 2017 Volunteers

This committee promotes PSA’s mission of sustainable, responsible and creative growth for Portland. Committee representatives testify regularly at City of Portland board and committee meetings and lobby for policies affecting urban planning and architectural design. This year, Advocacy’s goals include:

• Create a filter for issues to engage PSA that have a substantial impact on urban design and livability.
• Create a running list of the top issues for 2017.
• Provide timely expert written and oral testimony for the top issues that come before the city in the coming year.
• Identify, cultivate and maintain relationships with top policy makers and community leaders in Portland.
• Partner with City and other allied organizations on the rewrite of the land use code.
• Participate in development of IDPs for the major institutions.
Contact Addy Smith Reiman for details:

Beyond the Peninsula:  The Complete City
This group will launch a community engagement project that aims to collect written and graphic data on Portland’s assets, both existing and desired, with the goal of creating a database around Portland’s identity.  Findings will be exhibited at SPACE Gallery on September 27, 2017.  The work is in collaboration with other community groups.  More information will be going out on this exciting work in the coming weeks.  Contact Alyssa Phanitdasack for more details:
PSA Signature Event
This group is responsible for planning the largest event in the PSA calendar. The program is tentatively scheduled for late October. In presenting this program in the past, PSA has collaborated with the USM Muskie School of Public Service, University of New England, Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Creative Portland. This year’s program will continue the focus on the issues related to the impact of growth in Greater Portland and the ways in which Portland would benefit from responsible urban planning. Alex Krieger’s 2016 lecture, sponsored by the University of New England, attracted 260 Portland citizens.  Contact Sasha Salzberg for details:
Social Committee
This group spearheads the creation and execution of two informational and networking social events in spring and fall. The committee is responsible for scheduling the events, finding a locale, confirming agendas and speakers, catering, and promotion of the events.  Contact Cathy Streifel: for more details.
Brown Bag Tours
This group plans lunchtime tours of two local projects on July 26 and in August. The committee is responsible for booking the projects, coordinating the project team to lead the tours, and promotion of the events.
Contact Nate Merrill for more details:
Drink n’ Crit
This group plans one event for September 27, 2017 (save the date!) in connection with the Complete City initiative. The Complete City project will be the focus of this event at SPACE Gallery. Contact Alyssa Keating for more details.
Annual Appeal
This group is responsible for the determining the format and messaging of the Annual Appeal mailing. With assistance from the PSA Board of Directors, the 2017 Annual Appeal is scheduled for mailing in late fall. Contact Lynn Shaffer for more details: